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At Low Discount Prices!
Seishin-Do Supply Warehouse
[Pictured above is the Seishin-Do Supply Warehouse ]
We feature brand name equipment such as
Pro Force, Adidas, and Pine Tree!
Head Gear, Hand Gear, Foot Gear, Protective Cups, Mouth Pieces, Shin Pads, Arm Pads, Chest Protectors, Speed Ball Bags, Kicking Shields, Focus Mitts, Practice Nunchakus, Bo-Staffs, Wooden Practice Swords, Tonfa, Chime Balls, Ginseng, Tiger Balm, Incense, Karate Uniforms, Kung-Fu Uniforms, Patches, Headbands, Gym Bags, Kung Fu Slippers, Panther Training Videos, and much much more! If We Don't Have It, We Will Get It, just ask.  Products sold in store only.

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