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Posted on: [June 27, 2017] - By: Mic Foley
Hey cuz keep up the good work. Hope all is well with you guys. Training in the Dojo really help my wrestling skills.Be safe Cuz. Tough area your from LOL

Posted on: [April 19, 2017] - By: Audrey Marchionno
Hello. I visit Yonkers a few times a year, as I have family there. I am a long time practitioner and would love to visit next time in town. I look forward to meeting you. Wishing you all the best.

Posted on: [November 03, 2014] - By: nick
been going to this school for so long its like my second home everyone is like family great place to start a martial arts learning experience.

Posted on: [July 02, 2014] - By: Peter scat
My daughter just started last week and loves it, she has a slight case of ADHD, and her karate instructer says she seems to be very focused during class, my wife and I are so pleased.

Posted on: [November 12, 2013] - By: Tabitha
Shihan,Sensei, and Sempei, My son is loving karate ! Thank you so much for all your patience with him! His confindence went from a 3 to 8! Your all doing a great job and he's loving it! He can't wait for tonight ! See you all later !

Posted on: [November 11, 2013] - By: Tony
Great site! Great karate school ! Great instructors ! A+

Posted on: [October 22, 2013] - By: JOE

Posted on: [October 20, 2013] - By: Peter
Great Website, had fun on the site, great video's

Posted on: [January 21, 2012] - By: Kristin
I have driven by your karate school a numerous amount of times and every time I drive by I always want to stop in. I'm very interested in signing up my twin girls to take karate at your school. I will be in this week to discuss more about it. I have heard great things about your school and and my girls are very exciting! See you soon!!

Posted on: [January 12, 2012] - By: Grisel & Christian
Happy New Year, hope all are well and still going strong! Love visiting the site and the ole pics :-)

Posted on: [November 10, 2011] - By: Michael
Hi! This is still a good website!

Posted on: [November 07, 2011] - By: Manish Kumar
Martial Arts Manish Kumar Delhi Martial Arts Karate for Life True self-esteem comes from real accomplishment—even a young child knows the difference between something earned and something given. We help every student, young and old, achieve their personal best, both on the mat and in life www.karateindia.org

Posted on: [June 01, 2011] - By: Kimberly Pecoraro
Very Proud of the great & wonderful things I have seen & heard about the owner, teachers & just how happy everyone from the past & current individuals had/have the best times at Seishin-Do Darate Systems. Really seems like a family oriented place that makes everyone feel like part of a family. God Bless & continue with great success. ~Kim~

Posted on: [November 10, 2010] - By: Master Jeff Moore
All practitioners and teachers of the gentle arts are invited to join. The American federation of Jujitsu is one of the world's largest open jujitsu organizations,all styles and systems of modern and traditional jujitsu are welcome. Visit www.amfedjujitsu.com

Posted on: [September 05, 2010] - By: Bobby H
Hey Tommy long time no see, web site looks great! I'm thinking bout coming back again to help me keep on my toes at work. I've been in the NYPD for a few years now and I will tell you that I still remember most of the tactics I learned from you and have definitely have had to use them a few times lol. Thanks for that. From one of the original students . See you soon buddy [November 05, 2010] - By: SAMANTHA G.
Im intrested in siging up my 10 year old son. ive priced a few schools and yours ws the best ! Not only are your prices great your dojo looks great also. When I came in last tuesday, I liked the way it was being run, also how intrested your children looked in the class. I will be back ontuesday to sign up my son. Ill def pass the word around on how great your school is. Sincerely, Samantha

Posted on: [July 17, 2010] - By: Richie Wells
I just checked out this website because I'm interested in a beginnners class for my godson. I plan to stop by and speak to someone. This website looks great!

Posted on: [May 06, 2010] - By: jasmine
hello.! i walked by your karate school the other day and im intrested in taking classes at your dojo. your school really looks great! keep up the good work and i will def be seeing you soon ! =)[June 28, 2010] - By: Jose G
My son has been going to your school for a while, he love's it. I am going to sign up soon so he can't take me when I punish him.

Posted on: [October 17, 2009] - By: JohnnyArt
I really liked your street survival tips. They seemed wise, balanced and well-informed. [January 07, 2010] - By: Niamh
Hi! It's me Niamh from your 6:00 class. Just want to saY HI, so, Hi!

Posted on: [September 30, 2009] - By: jonathan macias
hey shihan it is jonathan I cannot wait my black belt

Posted on: [September 22, 2009] - By: Michael Heege
I like your classes and I am practicing my orange belt kata!!!Cool website!!!

Posted on: [May 09, 2009] - By: GLEN

Posted on: [May 14, 2009] - By: Danny Gonzalez
Hey Sensei Tommy, It's Daniel Gonzalez, Paul's son. Just stopping by to say hi. I saw your website on Google. The school looks like it is flourishing. I hope the family is well. Take Care

Posted on: [April 07, 2009] - By: Paul Cruz
Hey, the woman's class idea is great, i hope for the best and for much success for the future of this school and our style.[April 17, 2009] - By: Gianna
Im very intrested in your female class you advertised ! I'm trying to get a few of my friends together to join the class.... This is the first karate school that i have come across that has offered karate taught by a female instructor.. Waitint to hear for more info on a start date ! hope to see you soon !! Gianna =)

Posted on: [February 28, 2009] - By: dr.darrell r.smith
hello. seishin-do karate system organization your guest site. looks very nice keep up the good work god bless.

Posted on: [September 30, 2008] - By: Paul Cruz
Hey Shihan, everything still looks great. I hope to make it to the donor drive on October 4th. I wish you the best.

Posted on: [September 27, 2008] - By: Tina
Thanks for posting my sisters donor drive on your site. Your web looks good. Keep up the good and hard work. Love, Tina

Posted on: [August 05, 2008] - By: Eileen Wilson Cacciola ( CUZ )
Wow Tommy ! I am impressed! WOW! I am really PROUD of you! I wish you continued success. I just may come down for an evening class .( if ya have room ) Keep up the GREAT work cuz !

Posted on: [July 17, 2008] - By: Harm

Posted on: [July 05, 2008] - By: Anamika Taneja
website:http://www.sanshinkan.org This site Sanshinkan.org is created by Sensei Yashpal Singh and dedicated to his Sensei / Teachers Sensei Bharat Sharma, Sensei Lal Darda, Sensei Wim Tewinkel, Shihan Akira Sato and Soke Seiko Suzuki, Soke Sadaki Sakagami, Kaicho Tamas Weber. This is made possible only through their good wishes and grace. For the last twenty years Yashpal Singh studied Shotokan, Gojo-Ryu, Shito-Ryu Styles of Karate, holding Black Belt 2nd Dan from ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION and Black Belt 4th Dan in Shito-Ryu. For the last 18 years he also won some championships of national and state levels he also participated in International events and seminars by world grandmasters. Sensei Yashpal Singh is dedicated to promote Martial Art in all over India and to produce champion karate players. This year some of his students represented India in WKF official karate championships at Istanbul, Turkey. He is an officially authorized and technically qualified karate and self Defence instructor in new Delhi, trying to promote martial art among the people of Delhi, India, especially the younger generation. He is still practicing and learning Karate and also other Martial Arts like Kick boxing, Kenpo, Jiu jitsu, Tai Chi, Judo. This website will be helpful for those who like to learn Karate and other martial arts from a esteemed karate organization and most respected karate group in India. We have our main center at New Delhi and NCR :- Gurgaon. Noida.

Posted on: [June 17, 2008] - By: Paul Cruz
You see Shihan? We rock!!! lol

Posted on: [June 08, 2008] - By: kira
Dear Shihan and paul U guys rock.

Posted on: [June 03, 2008] - By: Kira
Dear Shihan, Your karate school is the best in all of the universes combined.

Posted on: [May 29, 2008] - By: franki
hi tommy. i cant wait to learn more orange belt moves

Posted on: [May 22, 2008] - By: Christian D
Hey Shihan, Just stopping by to send a shout out. Here's to a great summer comming and thank you for everything you teach me!

Posted on: [May 22, 2008] - By: franki&ryan
tommy we love karate. we will stay till the end

Posted on: [May 21, 2008] - By: dj
hi tom.karate was fun today.thanks for telling us about that jacquechan game.it was fun.I have go to school.by tom.

Posted on: [May 20, 2008] - By: Claire
Nce work,and I signed the review for Glen

Posted on: [May 20, 2008] - By: Steven DeMatteo
It's really fun doing Karate. I hope I get my green belt soon.

Posted on: [May 20, 2008] - By: Michael
I like Seishin-DO. Great web site.

Posted on: [May 19, 2008] - By: Paul Cruz
I love reading the guestbook lmao!!

Posted on: [May 18, 2008] - By: umar
shihan you are the best teacher i have .

Posted on: [May 18, 2008] - By: AnDres
So far this the best karate school Ive been in (even though it's just my second). My brother cant say anything right now. I think he forgot.

Posted on: [May 16, 2008] - By: Salvatore
Hi Shihan, Great website. I really enjoy taking your class. Great Job!!

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: adnan
hey shihan, loviin karate having so much fun learning new moves. also can't wait till yellow belt!!!

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: David Bannon
Seishin-DO is great!

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: TENNY & AVIN

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: Sunny and Ali
I like karate

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: Harm
Hey shian the website seems great. You are an great master to get taught by.I love Seishen-do karate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: natalia
U are the geatest teacher ever.:) U are #1.

Posted on: [May 15, 2008] - By: Paul Cruz
Hey Shihan, just visiting the site. Glad to be back since my last post. This site is looking great and the dojo is getting better and better, see you at the dojo.

Posted on: [May 14, 2008] - By: Roshen & Riya
We love Seishin-Do

Posted on: [May 14, 2008] - By: Frank D
See! Now who says I never sign the guest book!

Posted on: [May 13, 2008] - By: Glen
keep up the good work:)

Posted on: [April 11, 2008] - By: dr.darrell r.smith
us international of grandmasters & masters sokeship union from president dr.darrell r.smith thank you for. your wonderful guestbook and god bless you.

Posted on: [December 12, 2007] - By: ShaoulinSheila
bloody good show

Posted on: [September 27, 2007] - By: Soke Sefik Gülten
Dear Shihan very good web site.God Bless you wakazamurai.com

Posted on: [September 12, 2007] - By: Rory McHugh
hi shihan good job on the web-site. i can't wait for the tournaments. See you at karate.

Posted on: [August 23, 2007] - By: Jaclyn Foley
Great job on the site dad !! it looks better and better everytime i visit.. also the karate school is looking pretty amazing too =] keep up the good work Shihan Daddy! love you <3

Posted on: [May 03, 2007] - By: Paul Cruz
Hey Shihan, how are you all doing? I miss you guys, I really wish their was a dojo like yours down where I'm living by, oh well guess I'm going to jus train myself with what I know, oh and tell Steve and Frank I'm going to miss their bummy selves. Well, take it easy shihan, stay safe.

Posted on: [April 25, 2007] - By: Oscar Perez
Hey Sensei, just thought id stop and leave you guys a message saying how much i miss seishin-do karate school. Well, I ended up joining the marines by the way lol New News huh? well, ill admit that i havent been practicing like miguel haha but hey, i could never keep up with tthat kid!!! haha but i do practice what ive learned but with different principles to it, a ttle different but built off of what youve taught me.its interesting and keeps me in shape ill say.well, if you ever wanna get in touch with me, goto www.myspace.com/cc_raccoon or cc_raccoon@yahoo.com adios for now

Posted on: [April 13, 2007] - By: AJ Goff
Instructors and class, I was at your dojo thursday, last night, and I'd like to say I am impressed with the work you all perform. I can tell that you guys are the real deal and not just playin around like *some* dojos I've checked out. I can't wait to join your class and I am training every day at home. I hope I do not dissapoint you all! -AJ

Posted on: [March 27, 2007] - By: Miguel Torres
Hey shihan its miguel stopppin by to show my respects. Im still practicing everthing you taught me.It really was an honor learning with you . I really want to get back into the martial arts again.I tried some down here but nobody teaches like you i did not like it . Maybe we can setup something over the internet. Hope to see you soon . Love you all! sincerly, Miguel Torres ( usss )

Posted on: [March 13, 2007] - By: Christian D.
Hey Shihan, Just stopping in to say hello, See ya later.

Posted on: [February 17, 2007] - By: Raph Nusbalm
Good site, I train same style, Shoto-Kan is the real thing, good luck

Posted on: [December 17, 2006] - By: Luke
Nice website. I must sign up soon.

Posted on: [November 10, 2006] - By: Frank
Hey Tom, as soon as I set up a linkss page I'll add the dojo to my website. I've already added you to my myspace pages.

Posted on: [November 10, 2006] - By: FRANK D
Hey Shihan, Guess Who???!!! Guess it's about time one of your Instructor's posted a comment, huh?! LOL Having fun teaching.

Posted on: [October 21, 2006] - By: Paul C.
Hey it's me yet again, I love the new exercises with the bands, well take it easy and see you in class.

Posted on: [September 26, 2006] - By: Christian D.
Hey Shihan, Here's to another great year. Hope to see that brown tip soon.

Posted on: [August 08, 2006] - By: Julie Stein
Just checking in from Minnesota here... our son will be seven this fall and we are looking for a style of martial arts to have him study. Too bad we don't live in New York. It looks like you guys have a great thing going there. Your site was very helpful. Thank you!

Posted on: [July 14, 2006] - By: F. RYAN

Posted on: [June 29, 2006] - By: Prof. Rick Greene,soke
Greetings, Injoyed my visit to this website."NICE SITE" Director, Bushi-Kai International website, http://bushijujitsukai.com Membership open to all Martial Artist Thank You, Prof.Rick Greene,soke

Posted on: [June 25, 2006] - By: Frank Ricardo
Great site we are Ricardo's Family Karate is a Martial Arts school that practices several styles of Martial Arts including Kenpo, Jujitsu, Escrima (Filipino stick fighting), and many more. Our primary mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children and adults to learn these traditional arts. The school has several locations throughout Maine and is run by it's founder (8th degree black belt: Kenpo-Jujitsu). Ricardo's Family Karate is also a performance-based school weaving elements of Japanese Taiko drumming, Chinese Lion dancing, and Martial arts with contemporary influences. Our youth performance group ("The Cool Factor) tours all over New England providing a powerful experience like no other. Visit us at http//www.ckidsclub.com

Posted on: [May 30, 2006] - By: oscar,from far away florida
hhey shihhhan fole, this is oscar from florida. still havent joined any karate schools out here cuz i gotta say,ive seen them all atleast twice and im not immpressed at all by what i see. None of the karate schools down here can compare to seishin do when it comes to the friendly and safe learning environment that you have in your dojo.i am thinking about going back up to yonkers and getting my black belt after i graduate next year.i dont even mind starting with a white belt and advancing again cuz ive been thinkin about starting a businiess. Florida needs real martial arts learning centers like seishin do, not day care centers posing as karate schools. good bye and good luck at seishin do.Pupa700@yahhoo.com

Posted on: [April 22, 2006] - By: Paul C.
Hey shihan, you know what I'd think would be so cool? If you took a picture of me and put it in the celebrity photos section. lol. seeya in class.

Posted on: [April 15, 2006] - By: Jason Olsen
Hello to all Karate-Ka from Levenshulme Karate Club here in NorthWest England..(U.K) please visit our site.... OUSS! www.shukokai.piczo.com

Posted on: [March 26, 2006] - By: Jason Olsen
Very muched enjoyed your site. Jason Olsen , (Levenshulme Karate Club) Manchester UK . www.shukokai.piczo.com

Posted on: [March 18, 2006] - By: Paul C.
hey shihan, it's me again, its been a while since I've put anything on this page, so yea, showin the luv, take care.

Posted on: [March 09, 2006] - By: Jason Fouchecourt
Sieshin Do has helped my life drastically. I am leaning self respect and self worth. It is great exercise and fun to be a part of. Shihan Foley is an awesome guy. I recommend this class to everyone.

Posted on: [March 03, 2006] - By: Cilin
Hey Shihan...great site..being a student of yours for the past 7 years has been an honor...the dojo has been a big part of my life and has helped me grow as a person. It was definately a place where all the right things were taught. See you during spring break..take care..gluck..= )

Posted on: [February 06, 2006] - By: Kataaro
Great website. Keep up the good work. www.Kataaro.com

Posted on: [January 23, 2006] - By: Kathy Antonelli
Great website. You have come such a long way in all your dreams and endeavors to make your karate school a success. Congratulations and many more years of success with the school. Kathy

Posted on: [January 19, 2006] - By: Paul C.
Hey Shihan, dropping by to show some love to the site, well i'll see you in class, till then take care.

Posted on: [January 06, 2006] - By: Joe Franklyn
Great site, I would like to visit this Dojo someday and check out the supplies