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Chris Gargani being congratulated by a freind, after taking
home 3rd place in the Battle of Westchester - 1999


Chris Gargani getting psyched up for his
first Amateur Kickboxing fight -1999


Chris Gargani gets assurance from Sensei Tom Foley, that it does not
matter whether you win or lose... it's the heart that counts! - 1999


Height does not matter much, when you are up against
John O'Brien in the Ring. - 1999


John 0'Brien receives instructions from Sensei Tom Foley - 1999


Sensei Tom Foley, Chris Gargani, and John O'Brien
after U.S.K.B.A. Fight Elizabeth NJ - 1999


Senesi Tom Foley, John O'Brien, Chris Gargani, classmates,
and supporters after U.S.K.B.A. fight - 1999


The Seishin-Do Karate team took home first, second, and third place
trophies in the 1997 East Coast U.S.A. Championships!


Sensei Tom Foley congratulating student Chris Gargani after taking home
first place in the U.S.A. Karate Championships! - 1997


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