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Sensei Foley along with Assistant Instructor John O' Brian and 11 year old Jaclyn
Foley performing a Brownie (F.U.M.A.) seminar on safety awareness - 1999.


F.U.M.A. Instructor Tom Foley teaching high block and groin kick to
Brownie Girl Scout, at safety seminar - 1999.


Seishin-Do holding an additional (F.U.M.A.) seminar at school 29,
for handicapped children in Yonkers, NY - 1998.


Sensei Tom Foley holding a (F.U.M.A) seminar for the handicapped
at School 29 in Yonkers, NY - 1997.


Sensei Tom Foley raised money for children's toys by holding
a (F.U.M.A) seminar at the Y.M.C.A. in Yonkers, NY - 1995.


The Seishin-Do Karate school raised over 2,200 dollars for
Saint Judes Children's Hospital through a punch-a-thon! - 1995


Seishin-Do raised money for the Yonkers YMCA for toys for Chrismas for the children, Shihan had the honer of handing them out..Loved the smiles


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