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Seishin-Do Karate Systems - Yonkers, NY
Seishin-Do was founded in Yonkers, N.Y. 1986, where Shihan Scott Pastore and Shihan Thomas Foley became partners teaching and training the Seishin-Do style, which means 'way of the mind'. And was known as one of the first MMA styles in Yonkers N.Y.

We can thank well known martial artists such as Soke (Master) Sayako Shimatsugo and Sensei Gerald Stollar for our start in the Japanese style 'Shotokan'.

Our style consists of two very powerful systems, Shoto-Kan Karate founded by Gichin Funokoshi and Combat Jujitsu, both these styles have been taught at the same location for 27 years.

At Seishin-Do, we believe these two styles combined, make you an all around good fighter. 27 years ago we took a Mixed Martial Arts style and made it into a safe environment for children. As an added benefit they learn self confidence, discipline, self defense. They also learn how to deal with those dreadful bullies, whether it be physical or mental bulling. We train the child how to cope, this also goes for adults!

We train people in Karate, Rape prevention, personal fitness, and Law Enforcement.

Shihan Tom Foley and Sensei Jaclyn Foley and there staff, not only teaches the physical aspect of Karate, but the mental aspect as well.

We try to keep the traditional methods of Karate as a foundation, and implement the modern methods for today's situations and environment. This MMA style is taught for self defense against bullies, thugs and muggers, we also teach weapon training, even though we discourage our students not to take on an attacker with a weapon unless its a last resort or a life threating situation!!!

Along the way, Seishin-Do became a member of the Federation of United Martial Artists against crime and drugs, a non for profit organization, run by executive director and film star personality Shihan Michael Depasqual Jr.

In 1992, we put out a local Cablevision show which aired in Yonkers NY, called Kick Back, where martial artists from all over the U.S. were interviewed and were able to demonstrate there art.

On May 7, 1994, the Seishin-Do style, and Shihan Scott Pastore, were inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Jacksonville FL. Accompanied by Shihan Thomas Foley, we had the privilege to meet Masters Frank Sanches, John Byrne, Roy Gonthier and Professor E.A. Moore (Soke) and many other pronounced Martial Artists that attended the induction.

In November of 1994, Shihan Scott Pastore left the Seishin-Do Karate school for personal reasons, and Shihan Tom Foley began to run the school on his own with his wife Tina Foley and daughter Sensei Jaclyn Foley changing the style slightly and re-naming the school from Seishin-Do Karate, to Seishin-Do Karate Systems, where we combined a lot more ground techniques, joint locks and Boxing techniques.

We then added a much larger Martial Arts Supplies Department, and a weight training area in the dojo.

In January of 1995, Sensei Tom Foley was approved by the board of directors of the Federation of United Martial Artists to hold the title of (F.U.M.A.) Instructor.

In 1996, Shihan Tom Foley became a member of I.F.O.J.J. and school charter.

On October 13, 1997 the board of directors of the United States Kickboxing Association certified Shihan Tom Foley and the Seishin-Do Karate Systems, active members, and club members under Paul Rosner President of USKBA, where we trained a few candidates for Amateur Kickboxing events.

On July 8th 2001 Shihan Tom Foley was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, for Masters, Pioneers and Legends. He was accompanied by his wife Tina Foley and two children Jaclyn and TJ. Also Paul Gonzales a student and Instructor for Shihan for the past ten years. The award was presented by Prof. Ednard A. Brown, Sc.D. (Soke 10th Dan) From the art of 'Chairo-Bushi Shindo'. Pic. of the event can be seen on our photo and movies page..

In 2001 Shihan was hired by the city of Yonkers NY to teach a rape prevention course for women. That went so well in 2003 the city asked, if he and his asst. Instructor Sensei Jaclyn Foley would work for Parks And Rec. teaching children that are Developmentally Challenged, such as Autism, ADHD, ADD and other handicap's

Almost three years later Shihan Tom Foley, on April of 2004 was inducted into the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall of Fame where Dr. Jim Thomas, Ph. D., D. presented Shihan with a plaque, and received a USA Martial Arts H.O.F official ring..

Between Boxing and Martial Arts, Shihan Tom Foley has over 27 years under his belt.

We can sit here and tell you how many famous people we have met through out our years of training, but that does not make us a better school or have better fighters.

There is always somebody better than somebody else, and let's not forget there is no such thing as my style is better than your style, all styles are meant for the same purpose, self defense, fitness, mind, body, and soul.

Meet the Seishin-Do Staff and Instructors,

Shihan Tom Foley, Owner and Cheif Instructor


Sensei Steve Colaiacovo, Black Belt and adult fitness instructor, with 16 years Exp.

Sensei Frank Di Lisio Black Belt with 16 years Exp.

Sensei Jaclyn Foley, Female Black Belt and adult Female fitness instructor, also leads a all female Martial Arts Class, with 15 years Exp.


Lead Sempei TJ Foley, Brown Belt Double Black Tip, with 11 years Exp.

Sempei Cilin Philps, Brown Belt Double Black Tip, with 10 years Exp.

Sempei Nick Aruilio (Children's Classes)

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The Martial Art's Way
Shihan Tom Foley

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